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"Chinese fans have been waiting for a reform for many years. Now it is at least a beginning. But we still have to wait and see. Chinese football is at a very, very low level," said a man.

"One thing very exciting for me is all football fields in schools will be open to young people or the public for free. At least they will have places to play football," a man said.

"I support it very much. I pay special attention to campus football. My kid has been playing football since the age of 4. I think only by focusing, can the campus give hope to Chinese football," a man said.

"I think the key is how to carry it out. Especially how to make society and parents support children to play football as a profession. Only by building a solid foundation in a good atmosphere, can Chinese football develop," a man said.

"I think itll be very hard to reach the goals. Im over 50 now. For tens of years, Chinese football has always let us down. We began to buy tickets when they were only 10 cents. Now they e tens of yuan. If there can be better results, I think they may come from clubs rather than the national team," one man said.

"There have been several reforms by the Football Association, but I think high of this national one. At least President Xi is a football fan too. But the key is how to carry it out. Personally I think football clubs should communicate well with citizens, to let a club belong to a city, but not a company," a man said.