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Filtration Elements

We mainly supply filtering equipment such as filter,filter element,oil filter car,hydraulic system components and so on.


Round, toroidal, square, oval shape, other special shape 



Brass wire cloth, stainless steel wire cloth, mild steel wire cloth, others.



Diameter: from 5mm to 600mm



1) Faster turnaround time from the screen room to the press-room 

2) Good diathermancy 

3) High air permeability 

4) Acid resistance and Alkali resistance 

5) Designed to never break (lifetime guarantee)

6) Imported weaving machines from Switzerland and Italy



1) It is mainly used for air conditioning, purifier, smoke lampblack machine, air filter, dehumidifier and filter, etc.

2) Suitable for different kinds of filter, dust removal and separation requirements.

3) Suitable for petroleum, chemical, mining, food, pharmaceutical, coating and other filter from all walks of life.