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CELMETAL fencing is a well-proven and extremely versatile perimeter security option. It is quick to install, very affordable and many options are available to enhance the security level of the standard pipe and mesh security fence. 



High quality low carbon steel wire, high carbon steel wire, galvanized iron wire (Q195 & Q235)


Surface Treatments 

Hot dipped galvanized, PVC coated, PE coated, Electro galvanized. 



1) Attractive

Panel Fencing is visually appealing which means it integrates well into both urban and rural settings.


2) Durable Construction

Robust construction and hot dip galvanized finish ensures many years of faultless service.


3) Easy to Install & Replace

In the event of unforeseen damage, simplicity of replacement ensures restoration of panels can occur with a minimum of delay.


4) Resistant to Climbing and Vandalism

Panel Fencing features an anti-scaling gap of vertical rods without horizontal hand or foot holds to present the maximum deterrent to climbers and vandals.


5) Versatility

Panel Fencing is able to be attached to galvanized pipe, wooden posts, 

brick pillars, concrete and other building products. 



1) Commercial Sites

2) Industrial Locations

3) Military Installations

4) Airports, Motorways, Ports

5) Rail Stations

6) Sports Facilities

7) Residential Landscape Fencing

8) Swimming Pools, Spa Pools