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Test Sieves

The Test Sieve is made for the purpose of particles size distribution measurement, the determination of impurity content or solid content in liquid, which are extensively used in scientific laboratories and quality inspection departments.

Test sieve available in diameter12, 8, 400mm, 300mm, 200mm, 100mm and 75mm with stainless steel frames in all kinds of stainless steel wire cloth and copper mesh, nickle-plated, suitable for precision testing and sorting of abrasive.

300mm sieve is produced by the standard ISO3310-2:1990. The aperture sizes are from 3.35mm to 0.038mm. the frames and covers are made of stainless steel while the wire cloth is in all kinds of material such as brass, bronze, stainless steel and copper.

75mm sieve is available in aperture sizes from 500 micro to 5 micro, with allowance ±2 micro,in accordance with the standard ISO3310-3:1990. The screen is electro-formed, and its frames and covers are made of quality stainless steel.


Frame materials

Brass , Stainless steel ,galvanized , etc .

Frame height (full)

1-3/4 -- 2-5/8     half : 1-1/4 -- 1-5/8

Depth to cloth (full)

1-1/4 -- 2         half : 5/8 -- 1



1) Low noise, the standard screen body, screen, filter efficiency, high precision

2) Good filtering .

3) Corrosion resistance.

4) Easy to clean.

5) Long using life.

6) Easy to use and transport.

7) Wide application.

8) Acid alkali resistant

9) Heat resistant



1) Agriculture, biology, chemistry

2) Plastics, construction materials, engineering

3) Electronics, environment, food, geology

4) Metallurgy, glass

5) Ceramics, medicine

6) Pharmaceuticals